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Familiar Voices On The Radio

April 20, 2010

So I was driving the truck down in North Carolina Friday night for the Red Cross and listening to WBZ, when Jordan Rich had Dr. Jack Porter (we know him as Dr. Quack) on as a guest. Jordan introduced him as a rabbi and the author of several books. The quack was on for close to 1/2 hour discussing the mid-east and the need for two states in the Israeli region. He did not take any calls, but he did mention that the Christian family he stayed with in Palestine treated him better than his relatives in Tel-Aviv. Ha ha, big surprise there. All the while, I’m sure the Palestinians were thinking “what the heck did we get ourselves into” and the relatives were surely saying “when is this guy going to get the hint?” No mention was made of how he survived the holocaust.

Earlier in the week, my old theology professor Thomas Groome from BC was on the Dan Rea show discussing whether the pope should step down. He was taking calls, and I was in cue when the hour expired so I did not get on the air, but I did have a nice conversation over the internet after the show. Kerri found the Tom Groome interview in podcasts in case you are interested, not sure if the quacker is there, but I also can’t imagine why you would want to get that podcast, I mean it’s one thing when you are stuck in a truck down in Carolina, it would be another thing to actually invest half an hour into it…