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Back to back movie nights

April 2, 2010

This week, Kerri and I had back to back movie nights. We went to BOUNTY HUNTER at Regal, thanks to tickets from the Red Cross. Then we went to HOT TUB TIME MACHINE at AMC on $5 Mondays.

Bounty Hunter…. I looked forward to this from the first time I saw a preview, although I immediately thought of Midnight Run. Kerri had never seen it, but we watched it on demand and I blogged about it. (see previous entry)

It did not disappoint, but there were things I wish were different. For example, I wanted the couple to have more of a history together. The movie suggests that they were engaged for 6 months and married for 9 months. For the hatred they had for each other, I wanted more of a history between them. Another problem was that they both were a target. In Midnight Run, only the Duke is a target, DeNiro’s character becomes a target by association. In Bounty Hunter, they both are being hunted which leads to confusion. Although I can hear Kerri saying “stop comparing the two”. One final problem, there were still lose ends at the end of the movie, but overall, still a good show.

Hot Tub Time Machine…. Lots of fun. John Cusack looks great. “Darryl” from the Office is talented. Some guy went to a movie exec and pitched a movie with no idea what the title would be. It must have been a surprise to be accepted, and when asked for a title, the pitch man said “well it’s about a hot tub, which is a time machine, let’s call it hot tub time machine” But, as silly as it seems, it works. Then again, so did Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, which had a pretty dumb name too. I’m not sure about the bogus journey. Or if I want to see a sequel for Hot Tub. Final point, Crispin Glover, who knows a thing or two about time travel from “Back to the Future”, is fun to watch. So is Chevy Chase.

Midnight Run

March 16, 2010

Movie night last night, and we thought about going out, but Bounty Hunter is coming out soon, and I really wanted Kerri to see Midnight Run before we see Bounty Hunter.

Midnight Run is one of my favorite movies all-time. Definitely top 10. Rookie, Field of Dreams, and The Muppet Movie (hey, I just was the right age for that one) are my top 3, and Midnight Run is in the next level down.

Robert DeNiro as Jack Walsh is incredible, I have not been disappointed in him yet to date. When I tell people about this movie, I often hear complaints about Charles Grodin, some think he is annoying, but I think it is perfect for his character “the Duke.” He also has great facial expression with the bus ticket agent and later in the difficult family scenes in Chicago with the daughter.

It’s a classic buddy movie, a cross-country tale, with fun and action. Seeing it again after all these years is interesting, society has changed lots since the late eighties. People are allowed to smoke anywhere they want. Duke tells Jack Walsh about second hand smoke as if it is news. Jack Walsh, uses a tape recorder, a phone booth and other things that are obsolete these days. I also love how inept the FBI guys are, and how they always point out the obvious.

Jack Walsh has been estranged from his family for 9 years, and watching the scene where they reunite was difficult. Sometimes, there is no justice.

The movie also has several quotes I love (some profanity included…)

Walsh : …I think I’m gonna have the steak, how about you?

Duke : I’m not hungry.

Walsh: Then why don’t you then get the lobster because then I can get a little surf and turf action going.

Jack Walsh: [Jack hails cab. When it pulls over he knocks on passenger side front window and driver rolls it down]
[Pointing at driver]
Jack Walsh: You wouldn’t have change for a thousand, would ya?
Cab Driver: Whatta ya, a comedian? Get outta here, you bum!
[Cab driver drives away]
Jack Walsh: [Zips up coat and turns up collar] Looks like I’m walkin’.

Jonathan Mardukas: Jack, you’re a grown man. You’re in control of your own words.
Jack Walsh: You’re goddamn right I am. Now here come two words for you: Shut the fuck up.


Jonathan Mardukas: You two are the dumbest bounty hunters I have ever seen! You couldn’t even deliver a bottle of milk!


Jonathan Mardukas: Why are you so unpopular with the Chicago police department?


Eddie Moscone: “Son of a bish” (Kerri hates when I quote that one)


Marvin Dorfler: [after Mosely takes his cigarettes for the second time] Why don’t you quit? It’d be cheaper for both of us.
Jonathan Mardukas: Jahé, everybody, jahé
Jack Walsh: What’s that?
Jonathan Mardukas: It means ‘hello’. I can say ‘hello’ in a lot of different languages. Not yours, but a lot of them
Jonathan Mardukas: Two dollars, that’s all you’re going to leave?
Jack Walsh: That’s fifteen percent.
Jonathan Mardukas:  That’s thirteen percent! These people depend on tips for a living!
Dorfler: (counting cops at the station) 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 got the whole fuckin’ force after me, huh?
Jimmy Serrano: Make yourself a sandwich, drink a glass of milk… Do some fuckin’ thing
Duke: Sometimes you just have to let go. Just get yourself a new watch.