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a new follower, and a mention to JWC

February 14, 2011

Good news today! I got a new follower to this blog! One that I met through a mutual friend – JWC. My last blog mentioned playing cards with Carmine. After 240-C, I went to 60, and my new card partner was JWC.


JWC reminded me of Carmine in that he liked me enough to play cards with me, but I think he preferred to be on the other team in bid-whist. Other than that, JWC probably had absolutely nothing in common with Carmine. Carmine took pride in his life of crime. JWC was, what the career criminals called, a “Citizen”. And I was too. Individuals that had lived a regular life, and then, one day, ended up in jail.



I won’t talk about JWC and his case other than the fact that I know he got a bad deal. And that is from someone who got a bad deal. I guess I have not mentioned about my own charges. A real life of crime.


I admit, there was a simple assault in New Hampshire. And domestic violence is a serious offense. However, in my “defense” I would point to two marriages and many other relationships where there was no domestic violence. Sometimes, it takes two to tangle. In addition to that, the charges in NH were dropped.


My greatest crime, according to society, was a violation of a restraining order. When my girlfriend got back to Massachusetts, she took out a restraining order. I violated it with an apology, in an e-mail. Yes, I know that it was against a court order. However, it was not threatening, and certainly was not worth two and a half years, for someone who had no previous record. To me, it was an example of a justice system that thrives on overcrowded jails and does not give any regard to justice.


Maybe more on that later. Again, thanks to my new follower, and to Kerri. I think the blogging is working. Maybe the dreams are going away?


Kerri’s Idea

January 20, 2011

Credit Kerri – or blame Kerri. I’m not sure which to do just yet.


I woke up calmly after another dream about being in jail. Sometimes, when I wake up, it is not calm. I do think it is ironic, sometimes in jail I would dream of being free, and would wake up very disappointed. And now, in freedom, I sometimes dream of being in jail. And it is not disappointment that I am free that wakes me up, rather disappointment that it still occupies my subconscious brain.


Kerri simply said “write about it, and see what happens.” I can’t imagine why someone would want to read about what happened in jail. Maybe getting it out will get it out. Please get out of my brain. There must be something better….


So here it goes…

Back in Jail

March 9, 2010

I went back to jail yesterday. I left on November 13, 2008, in a transfer from Essex, MA to New Hampshire. The cop transporting me was picking me up a week for a trial and thought he could transport me directly to jail. The sheriff in Cheshire County told the cop that I still was entitled to a bail hearing. I walked out of the court room. When I returned for the trial next week, I walked away again and did not go to jail in NH.

When I went to jail yesterday in Virginia, it was for orientation as a volunteer. As part of the application, I had to write a faith statement. The statement….

From my youth, my belief in Jesus Christ was an important part of my life. I went to the Boston Archdiocesan Choir School and went to church everyday. As a young adult, I spent some time in discernment thinking about becoming a priest. I enrolled in the seminary at St. John’s in Boston, but left when I decided that was not the right calling in my life. I did eventually do some graduate work at the school of theology at Boston College.

There were two major challenges in my life, one was the birth of my daughter with Spina Bifida in 1992, and the second was when I had some legal problems and personal problems in 2006. When I had problems in 1992, I knew to stay close to God.  James 4:8 says “Stay near to God, He will stay near to you.”

I did not have the same wisdom in 2006. As a result I spent some time in Essex County Correctional Facility. While I was there, the volunteers made quite an impact on me and helping me study the Bible and in praying. One volunteer said that he used to read the Bible and think it was a history book. Then he thought the stories sounded like people he knew. Then he realized that the Bible was about him. I started to identify with characters in the Bible. Joseph in Genesis was blessed while he was in jail. I am not trying to say I was unfairly jailed like Joseph, but within two months, I was given a job in charge of music in the chapel. Very soon, I realized what  a blessing that was. I also could relate to Peter, who at times was loyal to Christ, but denied Christ at the most important time.

Another volunteer gave me a verse from Joel 2:25 that God “will restore the years the locust has eaten”. I do not have any firsthand experience with locusts, but I do know about losing years. And in the time I have been out I have seen the many ways God has restored my life.