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Spring Break continued

April 5, 2011

Sunday we went to Mass, and then went to check out alligators at Sawgrass. We went to the new Dali museum, and it was interesting, but could make your mind hurt. I did like the painting of the Mediterranean that turned into Abraham Lincoln. I did get to swim in the pool again.

Monday, after Mass and an early swim, Kerri and I said bye to the folks and went to see the Nationals play in Spring Training. There was lots of offense and I posted about the game on Playerpress (see and look for Christopher Corazon). After that we stayed in Orlando to visit Aunt Sharon, Uncle Ken, Uncle Ralph, and Aunt Paulette. We played a nice game of dice and I played the guitar. Ralph said morning mass was at 6.

Tuesday we started to head back. We drove through Daytona, and it was bike week. It was entertaining, lots of different styles of bikes. I want to make a note to self that I would like to visit Jackie Robinson park there sometime.  We drove up the coast on A1A, one of my favorite highways in the US. I would probably put NC 12 on that list, and NH 123 too. We stopped in St. Augustine and I went in the Atlantic.

Wednesday we were home, and did not have work for my final day of break but it still was busy, meeting with students and church and then Thursday was the inevitable end of vacation.


spring break 2011

March 19, 2011

My spring break came together when my new schedule and a planned trip to Florida aligned just right.

It started Feb 23 and went to Mar 9. There were 15 days where I only had three shifts at the Red Cross.

It started Wednesday the 23rd. Wednesdays are always good. Usually they start with Mass and then bringing communion to a friend. There is a break, usually meaning a trip to the beach. The day continues with some piano lessons.

Thursday was a morning to lounge, we eventually made it to the beach and had brunch at Doc Taylor’s. Once again, more lessons.

Friday I went to donate platelets. Kerri and I grabbed lunch at our favorite Mexican place and went to the Chrysler Museum. That night we went to see “Just Go With It”

Saturday was the first of three working days.

Sunday I went to Mass, and Kerri and I went to an ODU Lady Monarchs game. Kerri’s parents came in town and stayed down by the beach. We went to see them and got dinner and went for a swim at the hotel.

Monday we looked at some houses (our lease is up in May) and then there were more lessons and another swim.

Tuesday was second of three shifts and Kerri’s folks left town.

Back to another Wednesday, which followed the same as above. It is my favorite day of the week.

Thursday was my third and final working day. After work I had lessons. Late that night we left for Florida.

We got to the line at noon, but traffic was heavy going to St. Petersburg. We got there by the end of the day, just enough time for a swim. My parents took us out for dinner.

Saturday we went to Mass and then the city’s morning market. Later we went to Fort DeSoto for a swim in the gulf. I got a conch shell in good condition. We went to Crabby Bill’s for dinner. Mom went with us to Al Lang Stadium for a baseball game. The Netherlands beat Canada 8-0. Kerri got one of the shirts in the crowd for me.

More to follow…