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The Fighter

January 16, 2011

Quick note on last week’s date night, loved it. Loved seeing Boston. Would never live there again, still I like to see it. Also I realized how much I always liked boxing.

The movie had me searching on google to compare what was on the money, and where Hollywood went Hollywood. Boston accents were acceptable….


Everyone’s Going To The Movies

September 23, 2010

We went to see Easy-A on Monday, and I have to admit, I liked it. I think John Hughes would have liked it too, because it felt like a tribute to 80’s movies, and I like how they used the Scarlet Letter.

I also realize that I have fallen behind on my blogging on movies ever since I started to get some for (check out my stuff please!!!) So I am watching the cast of A-Team on Lopez, and there is nothing in my blog about the movie. We liked it, I love movies that give you a reason to stay through the credits, although we did not see Mr. T, maybe he was in another version and we will have to check it out on cable??? My other feeling was is it too soon to have war movies in Iraq???

Before Easy-A we went to Going the Distance with Drew Barrymore. Liked it, not quite as much as Easy-A, but I like how Drew was with her boyfriend, the Mac guy… Also missing in my reviews was inception. Our mistake was seeing it on a day I got up at 3AM and still tried to catch the late show. I think I would still want to see it again to try and figure parts of it out…

Finally, one we missed in the theatres but finally caught on demand “Where the Wild Things are” Liked it, but didn’t mind that we missed it in the theatre. Also, there are always problems stretching a short story to a full movie. And one of my favorite things from the book is that Max is always in his room. And when he gets back, his dinner was still warm. OK, so maybe we can’t get everything…

Back To The 80’s

June 20, 2010

I’ve been a way for a while, of course, never really that far away… if you are ever looking for me, you can always find me on playerpress. Or you can probably figure out what I’m doing by reading one of Kerri’s blogs.

But here are a few items that belong here as these events relate to music and movies…

Kerri and I went to see HALL & OATES on Virginia Beach June 5. We heard “I can’t go for that (no can do)”, “Rich Girl”, and “You Make My Dreams Come True”. The lead vocal was missing from all three. The instrumentals were there for the most part, although I wanted to hear the drums in “dreams”. Maybe I wanted to go back to the 80’s and see if it would have sounded better.

So maybe I was still missing the 80’s when Kerri and I finally got back to the movies after taking two months off. We went to see THE A-TEAM. We went on a $5 night, used a gift card that we got from a contest at our church, and received a coupon for free pop corn and soda. Free, free, free, I love free. But the movie was fun too. Kerri did not see Starsky and Hutch, which I also liked, because I think there is enough of the old story and enough new material.

However, one thing that was interesting was the use of Iraq as the backdrop. I guess I’m used to Vietnam from Chuck Norris, or Good Morning Vietnam, or Tropic Thunder, or many other movies that use Vietnam. I guess Iraq will be the scene for many movies to come. One more thing, if you go, I want to know what happens at the end of the credits, so don’t leave. Spoiler alert, we saw Face and Murdock.

Date Night

April 20, 2010

Last week, Kerri and I had a date night, so we went to see DATE NIGHT with Tina Fey and Steve Carell as a couple trying to find excitement, and finding too much in a case of mistaken identity. It was good, not great, but certainly had me laughing and had a strong supporting cast (hey there’s Ray Liotta, Mark Wahlberg, and a missing shirt) For some reason, I found the dancing funnier than anyone else. But I won’t be a spoiler. Our date night happened to be the Virginia Beach $5 special, but it still would have been a value at regular prices…

Back to back movie nights

April 2, 2010

This week, Kerri and I had back to back movie nights. We went to BOUNTY HUNTER at Regal, thanks to tickets from the Red Cross. Then we went to HOT TUB TIME MACHINE at AMC on $5 Mondays.

Bounty Hunter…. I looked forward to this from the first time I saw a preview, although I immediately thought of Midnight Run. Kerri had never seen it, but we watched it on demand and I blogged about it. (see previous entry)

It did not disappoint, but there were things I wish were different. For example, I wanted the couple to have more of a history together. The movie suggests that they were engaged for 6 months and married for 9 months. For the hatred they had for each other, I wanted more of a history between them. Another problem was that they both were a target. In Midnight Run, only the Duke is a target, DeNiro’s character becomes a target by association. In Bounty Hunter, they both are being hunted which leads to confusion. Although I can hear Kerri saying “stop comparing the two”. One final problem, there were still lose ends at the end of the movie, but overall, still a good show.

Hot Tub Time Machine…. Lots of fun. John Cusack looks great. “Darryl” from the Office is talented. Some guy went to a movie exec and pitched a movie with no idea what the title would be. It must have been a surprise to be accepted, and when asked for a title, the pitch man said “well it’s about a hot tub, which is a time machine, let’s call it hot tub time machine” But, as silly as it seems, it works. Then again, so did Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, which had a pretty dumb name too. I’m not sure about the bogus journey. Or if I want to see a sequel for Hot Tub. Final point, Crispin Glover, who knows a thing or two about time travel from “Back to the Future”, is fun to watch. So is Chevy Chase.

Midnight Run

March 16, 2010

Movie night last night, and we thought about going out, but Bounty Hunter is coming out soon, and I really wanted Kerri to see Midnight Run before we see Bounty Hunter.

Midnight Run is one of my favorite movies all-time. Definitely top 10. Rookie, Field of Dreams, and The Muppet Movie (hey, I just was the right age for that one) are my top 3, and Midnight Run is in the next level down.

Robert DeNiro as Jack Walsh is incredible, I have not been disappointed in him yet to date. When I tell people about this movie, I often hear complaints about Charles Grodin, some think he is annoying, but I think it is perfect for his character “the Duke.” He also has great facial expression with the bus ticket agent and later in the difficult family scenes in Chicago with the daughter.

It’s a classic buddy movie, a cross-country tale, with fun and action. Seeing it again after all these years is interesting, society has changed lots since the late eighties. People are allowed to smoke anywhere they want. Duke tells Jack Walsh about second hand smoke as if it is news. Jack Walsh, uses a tape recorder, a phone booth and other things that are obsolete these days. I also love how inept the FBI guys are, and how they always point out the obvious.

Jack Walsh has been estranged from his family for 9 years, and watching the scene where they reunite was difficult. Sometimes, there is no justice.

The movie also has several quotes I love (some profanity included…)

Walsh : …I think I’m gonna have the steak, how about you?

Duke : I’m not hungry.

Walsh: Then why don’t you then get the lobster because then I can get a little surf and turf action going.

Jack Walsh: [Jack hails cab. When it pulls over he knocks on passenger side front window and driver rolls it down]
[Pointing at driver]
Jack Walsh: You wouldn’t have change for a thousand, would ya?
Cab Driver: Whatta ya, a comedian? Get outta here, you bum!
[Cab driver drives away]
Jack Walsh: [Zips up coat and turns up collar] Looks like I’m walkin’.

Jonathan Mardukas: Jack, you’re a grown man. You’re in control of your own words.
Jack Walsh: You’re goddamn right I am. Now here come two words for you: Shut the fuck up.


Jonathan Mardukas: You two are the dumbest bounty hunters I have ever seen! You couldn’t even deliver a bottle of milk!


Jonathan Mardukas: Why are you so unpopular with the Chicago police department?


Eddie Moscone: “Son of a bish” (Kerri hates when I quote that one)


Marvin Dorfler: [after Mosely takes his cigarettes for the second time] Why don’t you quit? It’d be cheaper for both of us.
Jonathan Mardukas: Jahé, everybody, jahé
Jack Walsh: What’s that?
Jonathan Mardukas: It means ‘hello’. I can say ‘hello’ in a lot of different languages. Not yours, but a lot of them
Jonathan Mardukas: Two dollars, that’s all you’re going to leave?
Jack Walsh: That’s fifteen percent.
Jonathan Mardukas:  That’s thirteen percent! These people depend on tips for a living!
Dorfler: (counting cops at the station) 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 got the whole fuckin’ force after me, huh?
Jimmy Serrano: Make yourself a sandwich, drink a glass of milk… Do some fuckin’ thing
Duke: Sometimes you just have to let go. Just get yourself a new watch.

Valentine’s Day the movie

February 23, 2010

So Kerri and I were married on Valentine’s Day, and the first movie we saw as a married couple was Valentine’s Day.  It was a cast full of stars, maybe too full.  It seems they could have eliminated some of the story lines and still had a full movie.  Also, some performances seem wasted, like Kathy Bates in a tiny forgettable role.  There were some good surprises, and some things were predictable.  Overall, it was good, but it also was “crowded”, if that makes sense.

Interesting side note, someone brought a baby to the 9:15 showing.  This was not quite as bad as the time Kerri and I saw a baby at “Public Enemies” (that kid will have serious couch time in his future).  Still, with the Monday night $5 special (and Kerri and I won a free coke! – quite a help after driving to Charlotte sunday night) couldn’t the savings from the movie go to getting a babysitter?

When In Rome

February 4, 2010

Monday, took advantage of the $5 specials and went to see WHEN IN ROME.  Kerri blogged about Kristen Bell before we went to see it.

Really fun movie.  Danny DeVito is fantastic, but then again, he usually is.  The young Italian priest is weak, not just the character, but I felt it was a poor performance.  Perhaps because I really liked everyone else.  Napoleon Dynamite is hilarious.  The part I laughed at the most was Picass0’s young girlfriend hanging herself when he died, even though they were no longer together.  It probably was not an appropriate time, but the more I laughed, I started laughing more.

Up In The Air

January 15, 2010

Went to the movies last night.  $5 movie and free popcorn, what a bargain.  Saw George Clooney’s UP IN THE AIR.  This is not so much a review, as it is some comments from the movie….


>  >  > it was a good movie, but listed as comedy/drama.

>  Kerri felt it was less comedy more drama.  It

> reminded me of John Krasinski’s AWAY WE GO in the way

> they are searching for a place and Bill Murray’s LOST IN

> TRANSLATION in the loneliness of the main character.


>  > J.K. Simmons makes a cameo as one of those “I

> know that guy” roles, he was Jameson in SPIDERMAN, was

> also in I LOVE YOU MAN, had a great roll in LADYKILLERS and

> was in JUNO (which still falls in the time machine category

> of movies)


>  > Anna Kendrick is not believable as a 23 year old.

>  In real life, she is 24, but too many teen roles make

> her seem like, well, a teenager….

>  Kerri added…It’s not that the roles she’s had were teen roles  (even though they were)… it’s just her look.  She looks young.  There are plenty of young people who play young roles, and when  they go to play an adult role, they fit quite well…