Kerri’s Idea

Credit Kerri – or blame Kerri. I’m not sure which to do just yet.


I woke up calmly after another dream about being in jail. Sometimes, when I wake up, it is not calm. I do think it is ironic, sometimes in jail I would dream of being free, and would wake up very disappointed. And now, in freedom, I sometimes dream of being in jail. And it is not disappointment that I am free that wakes me up, rather disappointment that it still occupies my subconscious brain.


Kerri simply said “write about it, and see what happens.” I can’t imagine why someone would want to read about what happened in jail. Maybe getting it out will get it out. Please get out of my brain. There must be something better….


So here it goes…


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2 Responses to “Kerri’s Idea”

  1. noelledion Says:

    Thank you for your support and encouragement for the challenges I have been having at the prison. I’m glad that you are telling your story and am looking forward to reading more about it. Everyone has a story to tell and your’s is a very important one. Even though you may think that people may not be interested to read about what happens in jail, there are people who need to know. You never know who you might touch with your story. I hope you will keep telling it and not stop. Blessings and peace to you.

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