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Christmas Thoughts

December 22, 2010

I was driving from Fredricksburg to Virginia Beach when I stopped in Richmond and went to church.

The priest told a story about a street in India. As he walked down the street, it was Christmastime and there were various manger scenes. One that made an impression had only animals, no people. A note explained:
Joseph is not here. He is busy at work as a carpenter.
Mary is not here. She is busy housekeeping.
Jesus is not here. Go and find Him….in your heart.
The priest continued to focus on the empty crib, and suggested this acronym
C Christ is Coming
R Repent, and be Reconciled.
I Intimate; Christ came into the world to have an intimate relationship with us.
B Believe, that the Lord is always present in our hearts.
Make a CRIB in our hearts as a place for Jesus.
Merry Christmas