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One number off

February 24, 2010

Woke up yesterday, and Kerri announced that the Verizon bill was due. Then we forgot. So no TV and no internet last night. But it turned into a great night, with some piano time and a game night. The scoreboard…

Checkers: Chriso 2, Kerri 0… Kerri was killing me in the second game with more pieces and more kings when a triple jump turned the table…

Tic Tac Toe: Chriso 2, Kerri 1… and lots of ties…I think I napped for one game

Snakes and Ladders: Kerri 2, Chriso 0… too many snakes for me

Woke up today and Kerri called to straighten everything out.  Only in the last four digits she replaced a 5 with an 8.  The new number was offering phone sex.


Valentine’s Day the movie

February 23, 2010

So Kerri and I were married on Valentine’s Day, and the first movie we saw as a married couple was Valentine’s Day.  It was a cast full of stars, maybe too full.  It seems they could have eliminated some of the story lines and still had a full movie.  Also, some performances seem wasted, like Kathy Bates in a tiny forgettable role.  There were some good surprises, and some things were predictable.  Overall, it was good, but it also was “crowded”, if that makes sense.

Interesting side note, someone brought a baby to the 9:15 showing.  This was not quite as bad as the time Kerri and I saw a baby at “Public Enemies” (that kid will have serious couch time in his future).  Still, with the Monday night $5 special (and Kerri and I won a free coke! – quite a help after driving to Charlotte sunday night) couldn’t the savings from the movie go to getting a babysitter?

Colts Win! Colts Win!

February 10, 2010

My 43rd feature…

Colts Win! Colts Win!

At least, that’s what Monday morning’s Virginian Pilot said, and my newspaper would never lie to me.

So the Virginian Pilot came out with the headline Colts 31, Saints 17.  Now the Super Bowl was the most watched event in TV history, breaking the 1983 record set by the series final for M*A*S*H.  Apparently the proofreader was not among the record setting audience.  One comment  was “Who dat proofreading your newspaper?”

In Norfolk, ESPN Radio’s Tony Mercurio suggested it might have been a publicity stunt.  But is this good publicity?  And why have copies of the paper disappeared from the internet?  I thought they would be all over E-Bay by now.  Comparisons have been made to “Dewey defeats Truman.”  But it seems that Dewey almost did defeat Truman.  And it is not 1948.

Besides, who gets their sports news from the newspaper anymore.  I get my news from the internet.  I mean the internet would never lie to me.

Of course, we know the Colts did not win.  One of the biggest fans of the Colts, Indiana native David Letterman already was upset about his super bowl party, in a very good promo with Jay Leno.  Leno commented on it :

Letterman listed the top 10 reasons the Colts lost on his late night show…

10. Should have waited until after the game to eat wings and drink beer.
9.  Relax, it’s the best of seven.
8. Wanted to get home for Undercover Boss.
7. Parking at victory parades is such a hassle.
6. Too much pregame partying with Snooki and J-Woww.
5. Saints players were shoving us.
4. Because of cutbacks, we only brought 12 guys.
3. Oblong shape of ball made it quite unwieldy.
2. Right, like God is going to let a team called the Saints lose.
1. Peyton [Manning] left early to tape a Gatorade commercial.

When In Rome

February 4, 2010

Monday, took advantage of the $5 specials and went to see WHEN IN ROME.  Kerri blogged about Kristen Bell before we went to see it.

Really fun movie.  Danny DeVito is fantastic, but then again, he usually is.  The young Italian priest is weak, not just the character, but I felt it was a poor performance.  Perhaps because I really liked everyone else.  Napoleon Dynamite is hilarious.  The part I laughed at the most was Picass0’s young girlfriend hanging herself when he died, even though they were no longer together.  It probably was not an appropriate time, but the more I laughed, I started laughing more.

Feature #42

February 4, 2010

First, a disclaimer, I know I can not pick my features.

Although one time I did beg, when I wrote “Mr. Editor, please make this a feature” (link provided).  And 40 other times, I have had articles featured.

So while I can not pick a feature, if I could pick a feature for #42, it would be #42.

Jackie Robinson is the greatest baseball player of all time.  The best? Well, that can be up for debate and difficult to measure over time and different eras.  But there can be no question about  Robinson’s athletic ability.  He played four sports at UCLA.  He could have been a star in any of them.  But I am not talking about being the best, let’s talk about greatness.  Here we are in an era where steroids make a player great.  How about going back to a time when character made a player great.  And that is what we can talk about when we talk about Robinson.  Clearly he was a man of great character.

But how about another aspect that made him great, knowing when it is time to retire.  Again, we seem to be in a time when players hang on to the limelight too long.  And this is not a new phenomenon, players as great as Willie Mays and Babe Ruth both seemed to stay in the game too long.  But not Robinson, he was reported to be in a trade sending him to the rival Giants and the Dodgers were leaving Brooklyn.  Cue the exit.  Right on time.

Above all of this was the most obvious contribution that Robinson made to the game of baseball, and society in general.  Robinson broke the barrier that existed in Major League Baseball.  It happened with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947, with thanks to Branch Rickey, a man who had a good moral compass and an idea about social justice.  In 1997, MLB honored the 50th anniversary by retiring #42 for every major league team.

Jackie Robinson.  #42.  Greatest baseball player.

Snowing At The Beach

February 3, 2010

It snowed in Virginia Beach on Saturday.  6 inches, although some nearby areas got 10 inches.  It disabled the entire area.  The plan is, let it melt.  The problem was it stayed cold.  Plows were scarce, and it seems the budget for plows does not exist.  So people drove on roads and created an icy surface of packed snow.

There are not many hills here, there were reports of people sledding down on ramps to the interstate.  State police issued a statement on the news asking people to stop that.  Others attached sleds to the back of cars on the icy roads.  It leads to predictable results.

As for me, work was cancelled on Saturday.  Stayed home.  Many churches cancelled on Sunday, but not the good old Catholics.   I went to Charlotte for work, all through North Carolina the road signs said “Travel Advisory: Limit Travel Through Monday” and I went over 700 miles.

Day 5: Wednesday, I finally dug out my Mazda.  I did not trust it with the ice on the streets from the snow that was not plowed.  Some schools are still closed.  The list is below.  Back in Boston, 6 inches may have stopped life for a day or two.  Not 5….

Accomack County Schools Closed Wednesday
Back Bay Christian Academy Opening at 10:00am
Baylake Pines School 2 Hour Delay
Calvary Christian School 2 Hour Delay
Chesapeake Public Schools Closed Wednesday Code Yellow;12-Month Employees Report
East End Academy Newport News & Norfolk Campuses Classes Canceled Wed.
Faith Academy School of Excellence 2 Hour Delay
Faith Outreach Education Center Closed Wednesday
Franklin City Public Schools Closed Wednesday; Faculty and Staff 2 Hour Delay
Gates County Schools Two Hour Delay Wednesday
Gloucester County Public Schools Closed Wednesday; Code 3
Governor’s School for the Arts Closed
Greenhill Farms Christian Academy 2 Hour Delay
Hampton Christian Schools School Closed, Daycare Open
Hampton Christian Schools School Closed Wednesday; Daycare Open
Hampton Montessori School Closed Wednesday
Hampton Public Schools Closed Wednesday; 12 Month Employee Two Hour Delay
Haygood Preschool Opening at 8:30am
Hertford County Public Schools Closed Wednesday; 12-Month Employees 1 Hour Delay
Isle of Wight Academy School Closed Wednesday; Daycare 2 Hour Delay
Isle of Wight County Schools Closed Wednesday
Mathews County Schools Closed Wednesday For Students; Teachers Report At 9am
Middlesex County Schools Closed Wed.; Teach. 2 Hr Del; 11 & 12 Mth Emp. 1 Hr Del
Nansemond – Suffolk Academy Closed Wednesday; Art Show Open
New Horizons Regional Edu Center Closed Wednesday; 12 Month Employees Two Hour Delay
New Life Christian School and Daycare Two Hour Delay Wednesday
Newport News Public Schools Closed Wednesday; 12 Month Employees Two Hour Delay
Norfolk City Schools 2 Hour Delay
Northampton Co. Schools (NC) Closed Wednesday; 12 Month Employees One Hour Delay
Parish Day School School Closed Wednesday, Child Care 2 hour delay
Peninsula Catholic High Two Hour Delay Wednesday
Poquoson Public Schools 2 Hour Delay
Portsmouth City Schools 2 Hour Delay
Rappahannock Community College Opening Wed. 10am, 9:30 Classes Start at 10
Southampton County Schools Closed Wednesday
St. Andrews Episcopal School Closed Wednesday
St. Gregory the Great Catholic School 2 Hour Delay
Suffolk Public Schools Closed Wednesday
Sunnybrook Day School 2 Hour Delay
Surry County Public Schools Closed Wednesday; Employees Report at 10am
Virginia Beach Public Schools 2 Hour Delay
Virginia University of Lynchburg – Suffolk Campus Closed Thursday
Warwick River Christian School Closed Wednesday
Williamsburg-James City County Schools Closed Wednesday
York County Public Schools Closed Wed.; Teachers & 12 Mth Employees 2 Hour Delay